Sunrock Farm is steeped in history.  The "old barn"was built over 160 years ago by the Ruschman Family.

It is a good example of pioneer ingenuity and hard work.  The stone foundation was dry stacked by hand from rocks found  on the property.

Groups will have a chance to meet and touch the animals on the farm while learning how pioneers cared for their animals before electricity.

  Our program touches on many aspects of   pioneer living.


  • How did early pioneers and their animals survive without electricity and other conveniences we enjoy today? 

  • What were the jobs of the animals?

  • How did pioneers make food?



  • Understanding the where, when, why and how of planting .

  • Plant and grind wheat

  • How were seeds and foods stored over the long winter?

Pulling a rock sled takes teamwork!  Enjoy hands-on experiences that will last a lifetime!

Touch the sheep's wool

  • Chores and Tools
  • How were tools made?

  • Demonstration of a blacksmith's forge

  • What is a shave horse?

  • Learn to use a drawknife.

  • Pull a rock sled.

  • Use a wash board to clean clothes.      

  • Card, weave and spin wool.


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Try your hand at the forge and anvil.

Milk a goat like the pioneers.

Cuddle chickens and gather eggs.