• milk a goat
  • bottle feed lambs & baby goats
  • gather eggs
  • hold a baby chick
  • pet a pig
  • brush a horse
  • feed sheep and feel their wool

The family tour is a 2 hour guided tour highlighting our most enjoyable areas.   Families learn about farm life and enjoy holding, hugging and feeding the animals on a real farm!  A minimum of 10 people is required on each tour.  If your group doesn't have 10 members, not to worry.  Our reservationist will schedule several families on the same day to enjoy this wholesome farm experience together.  

Family tour - $12.00/person

Reservations required

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We are an educational farm dedicated to providing children and other visitors with a rich and varied experience emphasizing the senses and the realization that we are deeply connected to the natural world. We wish to cultivate a sense of wonder, adventure, and respect for the diversity of life in the world around us through intimate and joyful hands-on experiences in the out-of-doors.

-Frank Traina, Ph.D. (Farmer Frank)

If you are interested in setting up a tour, please call us at (859) 781-5502.