In 1925 Frank Miller bought the place to use as a residence. He sold it in 1950 to Otis Fox who ran a tavern in Cincinnati. His widow then sold it to Frank Traina in 1978, while Frank was still teaching at Northern Kentucky University. At this time his office was a 20-minute walk from Sunrock Farm. The place was covered with trash and it took over 3 years to haul it all away.

In 1981 Sunrock farm opened as an educational farm for children. Dr. Frank Traina became “Farmer Frank” and introduced children to the wonderful world of nature and how nature produces the food that they eat. His goal remains to “Help Children Touch the Earth” by offering visiting children a series of farm and nature experiences. Today over 30,000 children a year visit Sunrock Farm.

Reclaiming abused land takes time and planning. The hilly nature of Sunrock Farm makes it much more suitable for farming activities which don’t disturb the thin layer of topsoil. Instead of plowing, we grow hay, pasture animals and raise fruit and nut trees. We grow crops in those areas which are flat, and where the soil can be more easily enriched with compost after harvest.