The farmer begins a pumpkin patch by preparing the soil and planting the seeds.  When the springtime temperatures reach 70 degrees consistently, and there is no fear of frost, we build three foot wide soil/compost mounds with a shallow moat around its circumference.  We plant  about 5 seeds in each mound and lightly water the plant.  After a week or two...OUT POPS THE SPROUT!!!



Most pumpkins need about 110 to 140 days to grow.  The weather must stay above 70 degrees. Hills of  green pumpkin vines are seen throughout the patch.  Usually the hills are about 10 feet apart so the vines can spread and have room to grow.



As the growing season continues, the farmers water the plants and pull weeds which would take nutrition from the pumpkin .    After 70 days, bright yellow flowers will peek out among the vines.  Each flower blooms only one day.  Each plant has two kinds of flowers - male and female.  The male flowers rest on the long thin vine.  The female flower sits on a fuzzy globe, which will become the pumpkin.   Bees move pollen from the male flower to the female flower so that pumpkins can develope.


Did you know that pumpkins are green during most of their development?  Pumpkins do not turn orange until the very end of their growing season.  In this picture you see the large green pumpkin still maturing under the vines. 






Farmer Frank is busy tending this year's pumpkin patch for all the visitors who will come to enjoy our October tours and hayride.




The first pumpkins of the season have arrived!  Farmer Frank picks the early pumpkins to display around Sunrock Farm. 




Last year, after pumpkin season, our pig Charlotte had a wonderful day.  She escaped into the pumpkin patch and ate her way through several plump pumpkins before she was discovered.   Even the animals enjoy pumpkins!!!!

Come visit Sunrock Farm and experience the joy and wonder of farm life during harvest season.