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  • plant or harvest vegetables
  • gather chicken eggs
  • milk a goat
  • hold baby chicks
  • visit pigs, sheep, alpaca
  • pet the cattle
  • hand-feed goats
  • pet a duck
  • grind wheat seeds into flour
  • bring your lunch and enjoy a picnic
  • seasonal farm activities such as bottle feeding baby goats and lambs
  • sheep shearing
  • visit a replica of a Native American village
  • age appropriate tours concerning ecology, fossils, genetics and farm science are also available.
  • Fall pioneer tours


$12.00 each person.

($240.00 minimum for 20 persons or less.)

Scholarship funding may be available through

The Friends of Sunrock Farm



This program is designed to deepen children's understanding and feelings for nature by hands-on experiences such as planting seeds, milking a goat, holding baby chicks, and hand feeding sheep.  We believe children learn more by doing.  The idea is to fill a child's day with enriching experiences that will help them appreciate nature and its wonders. 

Sunrock stresses the connection between humans and the earth.  We all belong to a food web and rely on other living things for food (plants & animals). We also serve as food for others in the web (mosquitoes & bacteria). Through this web we share Earth's nutrients and ultimately get the Sun's energy we need to stay alive. The recognition of our communion with all things on Earth is a joyful experience.

Our trained staff relate well with all age groups.  From pre-K to high school, we have a tour to engage your students.

The Friends of Sunrock Farm Scholarship Fund provides partial funding to those schools which qualify. Please feel free to contact us at (859) 781-5502 for more information.

School tours are 2 to 4 hours long. If you are interested in setting up a tour, please call us at (859) 781-5502.